The Mission of Our School

At the Grand View Christian School Foundation, we nurture students using gospel-centered Christian educational approaches and help them excel in academics, athletics, and the fine arts.

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Our School’s Success Stories

Our talented students have won honors at major competitions held throughout the state and the country. Whether it is basketball or music, they continue to raise the bar of expectation.

You’ll be proud to know that we have a 100% graduation rate with 92% of our students going on to study at institutions ranging from private Christian universities and colleges to other major state universities as well.

The Grand View Christian School Foundation (GVCSF) has as its main purpose to support the purpose, mission, support and development of Grand View Christian School (GVCS).

The original guiding principles are: “To provide high-quality Christian education and the opportunity for students to develop as biblically defined holistic persons for useful, productive, sustainable, meaningful, and joyful service in all areas of life – the glory of God and to the good of all people. We want to prepare the paths for our students futures with the help of our Bible-based education and our three pillar-based philosophy of:

  • Academic excellence
  • Integrated diversity through a common bond in Christianity
  • Opportunity to excel athletically and in the fine arts.

Why our school mascot is the THUNDER

2 Samuel 22:14 (ESV)
“The LORD THUNDERED from heaven; the voice of the Most High resounded.”

In Scripture, THUNDER is frequently employed to describe the awesome and unparalleled power of God. 

  • THUNDER is used as a figure of speech to communicate the power and potency of God’s voice (Ps. 29:3). 
  • God often announced His holy presence with THUNDER (Exodus 20:18). 
  • God used THUNDER as a weapon for war (1 Samuel 7:10). 
  • THUNDER emanates from the throne room of God in heaven (Revelation 4:5). 

To us, whether it is a deep penetrating rumble or a sudden deafening crack, THUNDER is an awe-inspiring reminder of the ultimate power of God and an emblematic expression of His universal supremacy. 

As the GRAND VIEW CHRISTIAN THUNDER, we desire to know, serve, worship, and proclaim this thunderous God. He alone is mighty to save!

E. 29th and Broadway
(2905 NE 46th Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50317)